Transparency Builds Trust: Online Meetings

February 10, 2023 |

When I talk of accountability, I am talking about the ability of the community to view and understand what is going on with the district. 

This means that the district must not hide the ball when it comes to public documents. This means that district must freely provide public information. This means that the district must be transparent in its actions. 

Being transparent means that the public can easily access information from a political subdivision to understand what is happening. The more roadblocks a district puts up in getting information, the less the general public trusts the district. 

One of the ways the district can be more transparent is to have all public meetings online for all to view. In this day and age, there is no reason that all meetings (including but not limited to work sessions, collective bargaining sessions, standing and special committee meetings, and board retreats) should not be publicly available both live and recorded. 

I am advocating for our meetings to be more easily accessible. 

Paid for by Vote Paul Harper | Samantha Green, Treasurer
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